About Us

About Us:
Hello and welcome to Tattrix. I am Jacob Lee, A professional tattoo artist and a tattoo lover who loves to spread tattoo information and provide so many cool and awesome tattoo designs and ideas about tattoos and more. We share our personal and useful information about tattoos.

There is a story behind starting Tattrix. I love to do artwork since childhood. When I was 20 years old, this craze of doing artwork increase and I started a job of draw banners or can say advertisement by painting the blank walls of the city. Then one day a friend introduced me to a tattoo artist who taught me tattooing and that’s how I came into tattoo industry. And become a tattoo artist. One day a thought came to my mind that I need to share my artwork and many other tattoo designs with tattoo lovers. So I started “Matrix Tattoos” last year. There is a small team who is currently working with me on this project. They are also interested with me to spread useful information about tattoos and designs.

Tattrix is a place where we share some beautiful tattoo designs according to your personal interest. We provide some tattoo stencils and artwork. We also tell you the brief details of best tattoo artist around the world and their work.
If you have any special request or query about tattoos. Please feel free to contact us at [email protected].