54 Cute And Dashing Ankle Tattoos Designs And Ideas For Women

Latest And Coolest Ankle Tattoos For Today’s Women

Ankle Tattoos: Ankle tattoo designs are some of the most popular options for girls looking to get inked. Ankle tattoos are both subtle and beautiful. These tattoos are a great choice for girls looking to get a relatively small tattoo design. Ankle tattoos are extremely feminine. They draw attention to the legs and feet, where the design can be extended If you wish.

The ankle is a small area. This means that any design that you choose will have to be relatively small in order to fit. Small tattoos have some advantages. Such as lower associated costs, less time in the chair.  And therefore less associated pain relative to having larger tattoo designs inked on your body. Ankle tattoos can be easily hidden away using sock, boots, and trousers. This is a great option for girls working for businesses with no tattoo dress policy. Outside of the workplace, wearing sandals and high heels will really show off your fantastically elegant ankle tattoo.

How Painful Ankle Tattoo

As the ankle is a very bony area, lacking much muscle or fat, getting inked on the ankle can be relatively painful compared with other body areas. That said, the necessarily small size of ankle tattoos will mean that the fairly painful tattooing process will be over very quickly. Brand new ankle tattoos also tend to bleed a bit more than tattoos inked on other areas of the body. This is due to the ankle being sited at the bottom of the leg, where blood rushes while in an upright position. Getting your ankle tattoo inked during the warm summer months is a good idea, as it will allow you to expose your new tattoo to the air, speeding the healing process, and preventing clothing from irritating the wound.

Ankle Tattoo Designs And Ideas

Popular ankle tattoos include butterfly, tribal, star, flower, fairy, angel wings, heart, and dolphin designs. Also popular are wrap-around bands, often with a tribal or floral theme. Single images as well as composite designs make fantastic ankle tattoos and can be extended up the leg or down the foot in the future to make an even more impressive design. Simple black and white tribal bands are very popular ankle tattoos, as are extremely colorful flower and star designs.

Text slogans and names can also make great ankle tattoos. Ultimately you have to decide which design you want to ink on your ankle. Can you see yourself loving that design 15 years down the line? Remember, tattoos are permanent commitments so don’t rush your decision. I recommend that you browse the various design styles in the Tattoo Designs are of this website.

Cost of Ankle Tattoos

In addition, I highly recommend that you spend time looking through the high-quality tattoo galleries of this website. While they will cost you a small amount of money, they are jam-packed full of premium tattoo designs that will make perfect ankle tattoo, and give you inspiration for more complex composite designs. I highly recommend that you use these resources rather than wasting hours trawling through thousands of poor quality free images that you found using search engines. Not only is it a waste of time, but also you may end up picking an inferior design. Take your time and find that dream ankle tattoo here. Please take the look images shown below which are perfect examples of cool and beautiful ankle tattoo designs.

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