70 Arm Tattoos You’d Never want To Hide

Best Arm Tattoos For Men And Women

Arm tattoos are incredibly popular with both men and women all around the world. The arm is a fairly large part of the body, Some people choose a part of the arm to ink. The bicep, or upper arm, is an extremely popular area of the body for getting an arm tattoo. Arm tattoo inked on the bicep tend to cause less pain during the tattooing process, due to the bicep being a very fleshy and muscular part of the body. Armband tattoo design styles inked on the upper arm have become very popular.

As the upper arm is a relatively large area, tattoo designs inked on the bicep can be relatively big, giving you more options for creating intricate composite designs. Upper arm tattoos also tend to draw attention to the bicep muscle. This makes the bicep a fairly masculine and macho place for a tattoo. That said, many women also sport upper arm tattoo that looks fantastically feminine and elegant.

Why Arm Tattoos

A huge advantage of arm tattoos is the incredible ease with which they can either be shown off or hidden away. They are therefore a great option for people who have to cover up tattoos while at work. Long sleeve shirts will cover up all arm tattoo, while wristwatches will hide away wrist tattoos. Outside of the workplace short-sleeved shirts or vest tops can be worn to really show off and draw attention to your arm tattoo.

Tattoos inked on the upper arm can be extended over the shoulder or down the forearm. This scope for an extension has given rise to some truly amazing, integrated, designs. Arm Tattoo that flows all the way down the arm is known as sleeve tattoos. Sleeve tattoo designs can be incredibly intricate and beautiful and can consist of multiple graphics held together in one seamlessly flow. Half sleeve designs share these properties, however, they only extend from the shoulder to the elbow, or from the elbow to the wrist.

Cost And Time for Arm Tattoos

Because arm tattoos are often relatively large, the cost of getting tattooed will obviously be higher, and the time it will take to get inked will be longer. While it is possible to get a smaller sized tattoo, they don’t tend to look very impressive due to the large size of the arm area. Exceptions to this general rule are wrist tattoos. Wrist tattoos are incredibly feminine and are therefore popular with girls. Popular wrist design styles include floral and tribal bands inked around the wrist.

Tattoo Designs for Arm Tattoos

Popular arm tattoo design styles for men include tribal, Celtic, cross, dragon, scorpion, eagle, and tiger designs. Popular upper arm tattoo designs for girls include bird, butterfly, flower, tribal, Celtic, cross, fairy, heart, rose, star, and zodiac design styles. I recommend that you browse the Tattoo Designs area of this website, and our other galleries, for tattoo design inspiration.

Tattrix has thousands of premium quality images available to print and take to your tattoo artist. They will save you hours upon hours of trawling the internet looking at poor quality free images found using search engines. These tattoo designs can either be inked as standalone images or as part of a larger design that integrates multiple designs into one theme. The best thing to do is to print out your favorites and take them to your tattoo artist to discuss your options.

Here we have collected some of the latest and cool designs. Please take a look at these designs.

1. Famous boxer Muhammad ali fighting tattoo design by Mumbai best tattoo artist Sunny Bhanushali. This is one of the Best Arm tattoo design for men.
arm tattoos

2. Sanskrit words tattoos is the new trends for tattoo lover who wants some quotes with a beautiful meaning on their arm.
arm tattoos for men

3. Women are also fond of love for tattoos. Look at this design which is best for arm tattoos for women.
arm tattoos for women

4.Japanese Warrior tattoo design with flying dragon tattoo on arm.

upper arm tattoos

5. Compass Tattoo design for men on arms.

inner arm tattoos

6. Polynesian tattoo design for men on arms.

Polynesian arm tattoos

7. Best tattoos for men on arm.

upper arm tattoos for ladies

8. arm sleeve tattoos.

vikings arm tattoos

9. Lord Ganesha tattoos for men on arm.

Ganesha tattoos

10. Chhatrapati Shivaji Tattoo for men on arm.

Shiva tattoos for arm

11. Lord Shiva Tattoos For Men on arms.bholenath tattoos

12. Sanskrit words tattoo moksha design for men on arm.

moksha tattoos

13. Watercolor compass tattoo design for men.

watercolor arm tattoos

14. Famous TV series “Sacred Games” on Netflix famous dialogue “Ahaṁ Brahmāsmi” Which means that “I am the Absolute”. It is one of the four Mahavakyas used to explain the unity of macrocosm and microcosm. tattoo.

sacred games tattoos

15. A tattoo design for those who love to travel most. It can be called a wanderlust tattoo design. mens shoulder arm tattoos

16. Simple Tattoos for men.

forearm tattoos

17. Lord shiva tattoos for men on upper half sleeve.

cool tattoos

18. Om Namah Shivay tattoo design written on forearms.

tattoo ideas for men

19. Mahamrityunjya Mantra tattoo on arm.

Sanskrit tattoos

20. Lord Shiva Tattoo design Done By Mumbai Popular tattoo artist Sunny Bhanushali.

arm tattoos

21. Arjuna One of the Pandava’s brother, the Great warrior and best archer of that Era with Lord shiva tattoo design on the upper arm.

tattoos for men

22. Cool Tattoo on forearms.

arm tattoos for men

22. Om Namah Shivaya tattoo with Shiva Trishul and Mahamrityunjaya Mantra.

upper arm tattoos

23. Lord shiva tattoo on the upper arm.

inner arm tattoos

24. Om Namah Shivaya tattoo for men on arms.

mahadeva tattoos

25. Maori Tattoos for men on arm.

Maori tattoos for arm

26. Cover up an arm tattoo design for men.

arm sleeve tattoos

27. Geometric Reindeer tattoo design for girls.

Geometric Reindeer tattoos

28. Lord Shiva drinking poison tattoo design for men on the upper arm. 

lord Shiva tattoos for men

29. Spartan tattoos for men and women for the inner arm.Spartan tattoos

30. Compass tattoo design for men on the forearm.

compass tattoos on arm

31. Tattoos for men on arm sleeves.

cool arm tattoos

32. Lord Brahma Tattoo design for men on arm.

Lord Brahma Tattoos

33. The great warrior Arjuna Tattoo designs for men and women.

Lord Arjuna Tattoos

34. Karma and moksha tattoo design for men.

karma and moksha tattoos

35.  Colorful arm tattoo ideas for men and women both.

mens arm tattoos

36. Mahamrityunjaya Mantra Tattoo design on arm.

Mahamrityunjaya Mantra tattoos

37. Cool tattoo design for men.

lord shiva tattoos

38. Cool lion tattoos for men and women on arms.

lion tattoos on arm

39. Sanskrit word tattoos.

Sanskrit word tattoos

40. Watercolor compass tattoos for men on arms.

watercolor compass tattoos

41. Cool Sleeve Tattoos for men.

tattoos on arm

42. Cool Simba lion tattoo design on arm.

simba lion tattoos for arm

43. Beautiful buddha tattoos for men and women on arms.

buddha tattoos for arm

44. Cool anchor tattoos for men on arms.

Anchor tattoos for arm

45. Compass and map tattoo design for men on upper half sleeve.

compass arm tattoos

46. Unique buddha tattoos for the sleeve.

Buddha Tattoos on arm

47. girl arm tattoos.

nordic arm tattoos

48. Heart holding hand tattoos for men on half sleeve.

heart tattoos for arm

49. Tattoos on your arm.

Lord vishnu tattoos

50. Lion tattoos for men on arms.

lion tattoos for arms

wolf arm tattoos

lion arm tattoos

Joker arm tattoos

ship tattoos for arm

owl and skull tattoos for arm

Jesus 3d hand arm tattoos

owl and flower tattoos for arm

small arm tattoos for girls

skull tattoos for arm

rose tattoos for arm

anchor tattoos for arm

Elephant tattoos for men

upper arm tattoos for women

female arm tattoos

cover up tattoos on arm

 best arm tattoos

small arm tattoos for guys

 male arm tattoos

 tribal arm tattoos

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