60+ Never Seen Before Back Tattoos Designs And Ideas For Men And Women

Amazing And Magnificient Back Tattoo Designs & Ideas For Men & Women

Back Tattoos: Since Ages, In many traditions and cultures, Back tattoos for men and women are considered more important manly. These back tattoos tell a story of the many transitions from boyhood to manhood with each line, dot, and shape representing an event, an attribute, and a story within an epic tale. In the modern world, these back tattoo designs are primarily for body art purposes and for a cool look with symbolism.

Celebrities with Back Tattoos

Although back tattoo designs were associated with biker groups, prison gangs, and other less-than-desirable elements of modern society. This trend is going viral in body art. It may be that Hollywood celebrities from singers to actors and even athletes are now fans of back tattoo designs, which makes body art more acceptable to the general public.

A few of the male celebrities with back tattoo designs are Lebron James with “Chosen 1″, Ja Rule with angel wings and crosses, Tommy Lee with tribal artwork, Jesse James with a hundred-dollar bill going up in flames, Josh Hartnett with a Celtic knot, David Beckham with a crucifixion scene and David Blaine with a Christ of Saint John of the Cross tattoo And Many more WWE superstars and footballers, etc have tattoo designs on their back.

With more celebrities seeing tattoo as expressions of their personality, artistry, and story, we can expect more men to sport back tattoo. You need not even go through the process of the entire back being tattooed as many men will opt for smaller designs covering just a portion of their skin.

Consider the Merits Of Back Tattoos

If you are sitting on the fence and thinking about getting back tattoos, this is understandable. Tattoos on any part of the body require careful evaluation of the pros and cons of body art especially as these are permanent in nature. Piercings on parts of the body like the ears, eyebrows, navels, and noses can be removed when the situation calls for it – not so with tattoos.

Still, you will find many advantages of choosing back tattoo over other locations. You can easily cover up the design with shirts and jackets when necessary as well as bare it at the beach. Parts of the body like the arms, hands, and neck are not so easily covered especially during the hot summers.

You can also choose from many designs, shapes, and sizes of back tattoos for men. These choices include:
• Small tattoo designs spanning just a particular section of the back such as separate tattoos with different themes. Tramps stamps on men are examples.

• Large tattoos covering almost the entire back. Chinese and Japanese-themed tattoo designs are prime examples of such large back inks.
• Horizontal designs that give the illusion of a wider, not to mention Cooler, back.
• V-shaped designs that expand the back area to emphasize the desired V-shape in men.
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Back Tattoos Designs

Just about anything and everything can be inked at the back because of its fairly large and flat expanse of skin. Animals, both real and mythical, plants, heavenly bodies, tribal themes, and crosses are just a few of the possible designs for a back tattoo for men. While women look for Butterfly tattoos, flower tattoos, Snakes, quotes on their spine, etc. Some coolest designs like dragons, eagle tattoo, elephant tattoo, skull tattoo, phoenix birds, and many more cool designs can be done on the back. You have the assurance, too, that these designs will remain discernible even with age since the back remains relatively stable in size even as we age. And that’s why we love back tattoo designs.

Here we collect some of the best back tattoos for men and women. Please take a look at these and go for your dream tattoo on your back.
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