80+ Coolest And Crazy Chest Tattoos Designs And Ideas Ever

Unique And Attractive Chest Tattoos Designs And Ideas

Chest Tattoos: Arguably, one of the most attractive types of body art is chest tattoos for men. The chest is a very large area of the body. You can have a large size tattoo design on your chest. And these designs are really brilliant with the help of artist skills and selected design. These art pieces add a certain macho quality. The wow factor is definitely present with chest tattoos.

Why Chest Tattoos are so popular – Reasons for Popularity

Chest Tattoo designs: Aside from the manly quality of chest tattoos, you will find plenty of other reasons for their popularity. For one thing, the chest is a fairly large expanse to work with for tattoo artists.  Such that a wide variety of designs can be inked on it. You have the benefit of mythical and real creatures, plants and animals, skulls, eagle, owl, flower tattoos, and roses tattoos, otherworldly and earthly themes, and other possible designs that lend themselves well to the chest area in men.

Easy To Hide

For another thing, the chest tattoos for men are easy to hide or display depending on the situation. Just put on a shirt to hide the tattoos and your employers should not find fault with your body art. But if you need to display your tattoos for whatever purposes, then just take off your shirt and show off your beautiful pieces of artwork.

How Painful Are Chest Tattoos?

Before getting a tattoo on the chest, everyone thinks that how bad do chest tattoos hurt. However, not everything is a bed of roses with chest tattoos. You must also contend with the possibility of injury to the skin especially as the chest has many bones lying close to the skin. Keep in mind that the more bones that are in the area being tattooed, the more painful it will be and there is more risk of infection. It also depends upon the size of any tattoo design you are having on your chest. If the size is small, it will be a quick finish and less painful while a large tattoo on the chest may be more painful. But as all of us know that chest is a large area and you must have a large tattoo design there, So be prepared for this, and put all these thoughts into your mind before getting a tattoo on the chest area.

Tattoo aftercare – Reminders After the Process

Fortunately, there are ways to lessen the risk of infection in chest tattoos for men so that enjoyment of the finished product can be achieved as soon as possible. These after-tattoo care tips should help:

• Keep the bandage over the tattoo for at least a few hours after the tattoo is finished, which will keep the infection from setting in too soon. When removing the bandage, place warm water over it if it gets stuck to your skin.

• Wash the tattoo with warm water and antibacterial soap and then pat dry with a cloth or paper towel. Don’t scrub on the tattoo although you can remove dried blood to prevent scabbing.

• After the skin has dried, apply the recommended ointment onto the tattoo.

Keep doing these steps at least once a day until the skin has fully healed from the marks of the needles. This should take 4-6 weeks with large chest tattoos for men.

And if there are things that you must do, there are also things that you must never do with a new tattoo. These tips are recommended so that the tattoo looks great after the healing period instead of being blurred, marred, and ruined in any manner. You must NEVER:

• Soak your tattoo in constant moisture such as in baths, pools, seas, and long showers.
• Expose your tattoo to direct sunlight
• Apply sunblock or sunscreen
• Scratch, pick and rub on your tattoo
If you can do all of these basic maintenance steps, you are sure to have the coolest chest tattoos for men on this side of the world.
Here are some coolest chest tattoo designs and ideas ever.

Tiger chest tattoos

chest bear tattoos

Mohicans chest tattoos

chest tattoos angel wings

skull tattoos with mandala

chest tattoos bible verses

chest tattoos black and grey

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