60+ Extraordinary Crown Tattoos That Will Blow Your Mind

Ultimate Crown Tattoos For Men And Women And Couples As Well.

Crown Tattoos: Tattoos are the best way to express yourself. You can express your qualities, interest, strengths with the help of tattoos without saying a single word. The tattoo will speak for itself. One of the most lovable and popular tattoos is the crown tattoo. Crown tattoo designs are popular among both men and women. But men prefer crown tattoo designs more than women do.

The Crown has been a center of attraction for centuries. Crown tattoo designs look royal and elegant. Crown tattoo ideas give you the feeling of king or queen. Everyone wants to be a king or queen so getting a crown tattoo is the best way to live your dream. The crown tattoo represents royalty and power, no one will be going to avoid this tattoo design on their skin.

What are The Crown Tattoos Meanings ?

As we all know, crowns are related to king and queen therefore Crown is a symbol of royalty. It also represents power, strength, glory, self-control, and triumph. Crown tattoo designs always remind you of your inner strengths and help you to drive to success. Crown also represents victory.


These tattoos look very unique and royal. It gives you a feeling of king or queen. There are many unique and elegant designs of crowns. You can also add extra elements to the crown tattoo designs to make them more unique and attractive. Here Lets us Discussing few ideas with you.

•Small and simple crown tattoo designs: simple and small crown tattoos look elegant and subtle. Small crown tattoos are very popular among both men and women. Small tattoos are very versatile, these can be tattooed anywhere on your body. Small tattoos also save your money.

•Lion with crown: As we all know the lion is known as the king of the jungle. Lion has qualities like strength, royalty, and courage. On the other hand, the crown symbolizes victory, power, and control. If you value all these qualities, then you can go for this design. A lion with a crown is the very attractive design of the tattoo.

•Couple crown tattoo designs: Couples can show their love for each other by getting a couple of tattoos. Couple crown tattoos are the best option to show their love. You can add some words to the crown tattoos like a girl can write “his queen” And the boy can write “her king”.

•Name crown tattoo designs: If you want a personal tattoo then you can add a name to it. Crown tattoo designs with names look very cool and beautiful. It can be your name or your loved one’s name.

•Rolex crown tattoo designs: Rolex is one of the most popular wristwatch brands. People love to wear Rolex watches and also getting Rolex tattoos. And when a crown is combined with the Rolex logo, then what is better than it. It symbolizes success and prestige. If you want to maintain this prestige and always want to get success in life, then this tattoo will be a good reminder.

•Crown with feather tattoo: Feathers attract everyone. Everyone wishes to fly and travel the places which are beyond our reach. Feathers symbolize beauty and freedom. When feathers are combined with crowns, these designs look more unique and fascinating.
You can add some more elements to the crown tattoo to make it more meaningful and unique. You can add a rose flower, skull, anchor, heart, cross, quotes, and many more. There are a huge variety of crown tattoo designs, you can choose the best one for you.

What is the perfect placement for crown tattoos?

Crown tattoos are very versatile. These tattoos can be tattooed anywhere on your body. The best placements for crown tattoo designs are chest, shoulder, wrist, hands, fingers, forearm, upper arm, behind the ears, neck, thighs, and legs.

If you want a small and simple crown tattoo, then you can choose finger, wrist, neck, or behind the ears. These are the best areas for small crown tattoo designs. If you want a large or medium size design, then you can go for the chest, forearm, upper arm, thighs, and shoulder area. Here you can get a detailed design of the crown tattoo. Most couples choose the exact same body part for crown tattoos as they want matching crown tattoos.

Here we collect some of the ultimate crown tattoos designs and ideas for both men and women both and couples as well. please take a look below and share.

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