60+ Cute And Lovely Fish Tattoos Design & Ideas

Beautiful Fish Tattoo Designs and Ideas

Fish tattoos: Fish tattoo designs are a popular option for many tattoo enthusiasts, with a variety of different fish designs providing a number of inking options for tattoo lovers. The fish has been used as a symbolic icon throughout human history and has been incorporated into the myths and stories of a number of different cultures around the world.

In addition to historical references, modern society also attaches deep significance to fish, as a food source, a symbol of freedom and wilderness, and also in reference to our own evolutionary history. Life began in the sea, and the first vertebrates on land (that eventually gave rise to us) evolved from coastal fish living in the shallows.

Fish Tattoo symbolizes & Meanings

Fish have been incorporated into many religious stories and still hold deep meaning with followers of those religions today. Christians hold the fish symbol in great reverence, as it was used as a symbol of faith in Christianity during biblical times. Christians used to draw fish in the dirt with their feet as a secret sign to other Christians of their faith.

Many Christians, therefore, choose to ink the fish symbol to display their faith. Fish also have significance in a number of other religions and societies, including Hinduism (in the story of Vishnu’s transformation into a fish in order to help King Manu), Greek mythology (in the Aphrodite myths), Japanese and Chinese culture, as well as a number of tribal cultures (especially among Polynesian societies living on Pacific islands). Fish Symbolizes swiftness, movement, agility, grace.

Types Of Fish Tattoos And Why People Love Fish Tattoos?

Fish live in two main environments, freshwater, and saltwater (although many also tolerate intermediate water conditions in estuaries). Both fresh and saltwater fish species are well represented in modern tattoo culture. Some of the most popular freshwater fish tattoo designs include Koi fish, Betta fish (AKA Siamese fighting fish), and Discus fish.

Koi fish have a number of important meanings in Japanese and Chinese society. They are seen as symbols of luck, overcoming struggles and tough times, and courage. Koi fish designs come in a number of different colors and styles, with each design having its own meaning and significance.

Betta fish are incredibly attractive freshwater fish that have long flowing fins colored red, blue, and purple. They are known to display their colors in order to attract females to mate with them, as well as a sign of aggression to other males. It is only possible for aquarists to keep one male betta fish in a tank, as otherwise the male’s fight to the death.

Popular saltwater fish tattoo designs include shark tattoos, as well as very colorful coral reef fish tattoos. Popular sharks for tattooing include the great white shark, tiger shark, bull shark, and hammerhead shark. Sharks are apex predators and symbolize power and mastery of their environment.

Fish Tattoo Designs Shapes And Size.

Fish tattoo designs come in a wide range of colors and sizes. For people wanting a very colorful tattoo, I suggest that you consider inking a Koi, betta, or coral reef fish design. Shark tattoo designs don’t offer quite so much in the way of color options (unless incorporated into a larger design such as an underwater scene that includes other marine life) but are great options for people wanting a striking design inked mainly in black/grey. Tribal fish tattoos are also great options for people wanting a very distinctive abstract fish tattoo.

Perfect Placement For Fish Tattoos

An extremely important decision to make when planning a new tattoo is choosing where on the body to ink it. Fish tattoos look good inked pretty much anywhere on the body, although larger designs will need to be sited on larger body areas. You can have large fish tattoos on the upper back, full back, lower back, and medium-size fish tattoos that look perfect on arms, forearms, legs, and thighs. Small fish tattoos can look amazing on the ankle, wrist, feet, shoulder, and sleeves. Please see the Tattoo Body Areas section for detailed information about all of the commonly tattooed areas of the body.

If you have decided that a fish tattoo design is the right design for you, I strongly suggest that you browse through as many top quality tattoo designs as possible to get some more specific ideas. Good places to find tattoo designs include tattoo design books, tattoo shop collections, and the internet.

The internet is a fantastic resource for finding tattoo designs from the comfort of your own home, although beware of the poor quality free designs that search engines frequently display. Also, visit here for more fish tattoos. Here we collect the coolest fish tattoo designs and ideas for both men and women both. Please take a look, Select and go for it.

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Please remember to take your time choosing a design and body area, and never get inked on the spare of the moment. For more information and advice on how to plan a new tattoo, safety considerations, and aftercare guidance, please head over to the Tattoo Info section. Please also check out Ankle tattoos and Flower tattoos.