60+ Cutest & Lovely Flower Tattoos Designs & Ideas

Flower Tattoo Designs Ideas For Men And Women To Get This Year

Flower tattoos: Tattrix tattoos represents “Flower tattoos designs” and provides information about a wide range of flower tattoos. Please also visit out Rose Tattoos page for information specific to rose tattoos.

Flower tattoo designs are an incredibly popular option, especially among girls looking for a colourful, elegant tattoo. That’s not meant to say that men don’t want flower tattoo designs. Just because they are incredibly popular among women.

Meaning Of Flower Tattoos And Why Flower Tattoo designs Are Popular ?

Flower tattoo designs represent nature’s beauty and provide great scope for the use of bright colours. Flower tattoo designs are often very bright and striking, and as a result, they tend to grab the attention of people who glimpse them out of the corner of their eye. Bright and colourful flowers are often accompanied by leaves and stem in various shades of green, increasing the intricacy of the overall design and providing even more colour.

Flower Tattoos Designs Shapes And Size

In addition to colour options, flower tattoos also provide lots of size and placement options. Flower tattoos can be large or small and can be inked just about anywhere on the body. A popular option for people wanting a small flower tattoo is to have it inked on the ankle. Popular ankle flower tattoo designs include designs that extend down the foot or up the lower shin, as well as anklet designs that wrap around the ankle. Small designs are particularly good for people who are new to tattoos and want to start small.

Larger flower tattoo designs will obviously need a larger canvas, such as the back or shoulder. Each area of the body has its own unique characteristics that should be considered when choosing a site for a new tattoo. These characteristics are explained in detail for all of the commonly tattooed parts of the body in the Tattoo blog section of this website.

If you feel that a flower may be the right tattoo design for you, the next step is to look through as many top quality flower tattoo designs as possible. There are so many flowers available in this world and any of them can be converted into tattoo design very easily. Some of the popular flower tattoos designs which people like most are rose, violet, tulip, orchid, lotus tattoos, hibiscus, lily, cherry blossom, sunflower, and daisy flowers.
Here we collect some of coolest flower tattoos designs and ideas for men and women both. Please take a look and choose and get one.

Flower Tattoo designs and ideas Gallery

sunflower tattoo on forearms

Amaryllis flower tattoo on leg


flower tattoo on back

Anemone flower tattoo on back

flower tattoos for girls on back

Rose tattoos for girls on arms

flower spine tattoos

black and grey rose tattoos on arm

tattoos for girls

daisy flower tattoos

Sunflower tattoos

beautiful rose tattoos

cute flower tattoos

beautiful flower tattoos

best flower tattoos

black and grey flower tattoos

cute flower tattoos

orchid flower tattoos on foot

poppy flower tattoos on arm

flower tattoos on thigh

best flower tattoos for girls

orchids flower tattoos

orchids flower tattoos on leg

flower tattoos on full arm

best rose tattoos on back

sunflowerr tattoos for girls

protea pincushion flower tattoos

flower tattoos on inner bicep

lotus flower tattoos

flower tattoos with fox

flower wrist tattoos

beautiful rose tattoos on forearm

California Poppy flower tattoo on ankle

Bee Balm Flower tattoo with quotes