60+ Cutest & Lovely Flower Tattoos Designs & Ideas

Flower Tattoos For Women

Although every flower known to science can potentially make a fantastic tattoo, the flowers of a select few types of plant have become particularly popular among tattoo enthusiasts. These include rose, violet, tulip, orchid, lotus, hibiscus, lily, cherry blossom, sunflower, and daisy flowers. All of these make for fantastic tattoos and tend to be the flower types that you see in tattoo books and online galleries.

If you have a particular flower that you want to turn in to a tattoo, get some pictures and take them to your tattoo artist. They should be able to make you a custom tattoo design, although bear in mind that having custom tattoos made can be expensive, and the end quality can be highly variable depending on the skill of the artist.

flower shoulder tattoos

purple flower tattoos on arm

lovely flower tattoos on chest

flower forearm tattoos

peony flower tattoos on arm for girls

Columbine flower tattoo on arm

rose tattoos on back

tulip flower full sleeve tattoos

flower tattoos with compass design

flower tattoos for foot

daisy flower tattoos on arm

sunflower tattoos for girls

Magnolia flower tattoos

sunflower arm tattoos

Water Lily flower tattoo on leg

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Bee Balm Flower tattoos on back

lily flower tattoos on leg

lotus flower tattoos for women

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cremon flower tattoos on leg

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Cape Primrose flower tattoos on wrist

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