50+ Amazing & Unique Foot Tattoos Designs & Ideas For Everyone

Foot Tattoos Designs And Ideas For Men And Women Both

Foot Tattoos: Foot tattoos have recently become popular with girls looking to get a new tattoo. Foot tattoos are very subtle and are considered very feminine, elegant, and cool. Foot tattoo designs are inked on the top of the foot, which is a relatively small area. As the canvas is small, foot tattoo designs are also necessarily small in size. Any small design can potentially make a great foot tattoo, however, the most popular foot tattoo designs include stars, flowers, butterfly tattoos, birds, fairies, fish tattoos, dolphin tattoos, hearts, as well as tribal and Celtic designs.

Some foot tattoo designs extend up to the ankle and lower leg. Tribal and floral designs, as well as designs incorporating multiple individual elements such as butterflies, look especially good flowing from the foot up to the ankle. Another popular option is to ink the name of a loved one or a favorite phrase. Text can be written in a variety of styles and can even be translated and inked in a foreign language or script.

Why People Love To Choose Foot Tattoos?

Foot tattoo designs have the advantage of being incredibly easy to hide away when required. A pair of shoes that cover the foot is all that is needed. This is an important consideration for people whose employers have a strict dress code in place that outlaws tattoos. Foot tattoos are also incredibly easy to show off. A pair of sandals, or going barefoot, will allow you to show your tattoo off to the world.

Another important factor to consider when thinking about getting a foot tattoo is the associated pain. Tattooing the foot can be fairly painful as the top of the foot is very bony, with little flesh or muscle. This is offset by the small size of foot tattoo designs, however, as smaller tattoos will be quicker to ink, meaning that the pain will not have to be endured for very long.

Foot Tattoos Cost And Design Sizes.

As foot tattoos are usually small, they are relatively inexpensive to get inked. Having said that, the cost of a tattoo is also influenced by the complexity and color scheme of the design, as well as the reputation of your tattoo artist.

If you think that a foot tattoo is the right choice for you, the next step is choosing a design. I recommend that you browse the various categories in the Tattoo Designs area of this website for ideas and inspiration. These galleries contain thousands of premium quality tattoo designs that can be printed out for a consultation with your tattoo artist or inked directly on your body. Far too many people waste hours upon hours of their time scouring the internet for free tattoo designs that are more often than not very low quality. Tattoos are for life, so it really is worth spending a few extra dollars to find the perfect tattoo for you, a great-looking premium design that you will love forever. Please check out these designs and go for it.

jellyfish foot tattoos

infinity tattoos on foot

feather tattoos on foot

birds tattoos for foot

cute birds tattoos on foot

small birds foot tattoos

amazing foot tattoos

tiny foot tattoos

snake foot tattoos

small cat tattoos

mandala foot tattoos

flower foot tattoos

Dandelion Tattoo Ideas

foot tattoos for girls

3d foot tattoos

quotes tattoos for foot

feather foot tattoos

legs tattoos women

tiger foot tattoos

unique foot tattoos men

cute foot tattoos

foot tattoos for girls

small wave foot tattoos

butterfly foot tattoos

foot tattoos for girls

matching foot tattoos

rose foot tattoos

mountain foot tattoos

feet tattoos for girls

lotus foot tattoos

skull foot tattoos

mandala foot tattoos

feather foot tattoos

flower foot tattoos for girls

rose foot tattoos

snail foot tattoos

foot tattoos for girls

Manta rays foot tattoos

fish foot tattoos

couple matching foot tattoos

jellyfish tattoos

foot tattoos for men

wings foot tattoos

bones foot tattoos

rose flower foot tattoos girls

foot tattoos girls

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