35+ Unique And Classic Hourglass Tattoos Designs Meanings

Best Hourglass Tattoos or Clock Tattoos Designs And Ideas With Meanings

Hourglass Tattoos: Hourglass tattoos have gained immense popularity. Hourglass tattoos are now in trend because of their mysterious design and beauty. This tattoo looks spectacular and fits well in many of your body parts. Men and women both are going for hourglass tattoos because of their eye-catching and attractive composition. This tattoo design is ideal for both. The only difference is the inking style, size, and design of the tattoo. You can personalize the tattoo design by adding some extra elements to it. There are many options of designs by adding other meaningful elements or quotes.

Hourglass Tattoos Meanings

What does an hourglass tattoo symbolize – The history behind the hourglass is not well known but the meaning is very clear. Hourglass tattoo designs have many meanings but the main meaning is they represent the passage of time. When there were no clocks, there were hourglasses to calculate the time.
Time flies away very fast and we usually don’t value time. At that time we don’t realize that we are wasting our valuable time and later we regret it. So, an hourglass tattoo will work as an alarm for us to remind us that time is a very precious gift given to us and we have to make the best use of it.

Hourglass tattoos also are also related to the direction in which sand is flowing. It gives us the idea that sometimes we do have to stop overthinking and take a different direction or path to make our life better.

Life is the best gift given to us by God and we generally take it lightly. Life has mixed feelings of happiness and sadness. An Hourglass has a dark representation of either happiness and sadness or life and death. At some time we have everything in life and at the other moment, we have nothing in our hands. So an hourglass tattoo enhances our energy to take our life seriously.

The complexity and beauty of an hourglass tattoo are mysterious. An hourglass is a mystery itself. The two connected glasses with sand are a mystery for many historians. People who have mysterious personalities and can’t express their personalities in words can take the help of hourglass tattoos. If you are considering getting a big size hourglass tattoo design then back is the perfect place for that, it will make you look extra cool and stylish, Girls can go for thighs for such tattoos.

Perfect Placement For Hourglass Tattoos

By wearing a tattoo you can enhance your beauty and body features. Both men and women are going for hourglass tattoos because of their uniqueness. You can get an hourglass tattoo on almost every part of your body. Many areas of the body are suitable for this tattoo design.

You can get this tattoo on your back, it will make you look extra cool and stylish, on your thigh, it will look very attractive. Your upper and lower forearm will be a good option, it will catch everyone’s attention. You can also get an hourglass tattoo on your shoulder it will look trendy and elegant. You can also get it on your legs. You can choose the best placement for tattoos according to your convenience. The size of the tattoo design also depends on you. Generally, girls go for minimal tattoo design and boys love to have large tattoo designs.

Hourglass Tattoos Gallery

Here we collect some of best hourglass tattoo designs and ideas for men and women. Please take a look.

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