21+ Ultimate Hummingbird Tattoos Designs & Ideas For Men & Women

Hummingbird Tattoos and the Meaning Behind Them

The hummingbird tattoo is one of the most popular birds to get inked on your body and there are lots of reasons behind it, other than the fact that it’s beautiful. As you’ll see from the hummingbird tattoo meanings below, this species represents protection, energy, happiness, positivity, and love. it’s no wonder why so many people enjoy these little birds as tattoos.

What are hummingbird tattoos – What does a hummingbird tattoo symbolize?

If you love hummingbirds, there’s a good chance you want to pay tribute to these beauties with a hummingbird tattoo. But why would you go under ink for them? The answer lies in their symbolism and meaning. Hummingbirds are small but mighty. They can fly forwards, backward, sideways—and even upside down. And they’re notoriously fast fliers that have great control over where they go. Some special hummingbird tattoos meanings are





and Love.

Where do people get hummingbird tattoos?

People choose hummingbird tattoos for a variety of reasons, so we’ve compiled a list of popular placements, sizes, pain levels, designs, and meanings to help you find a design that suits your style. Mostly hummingbird tattoo looks perfect on the upper back shoulder for girls, and if you choose a small design then the wrist is the best place for hummingbird tattoo designs. First things first, let’s break down some terms.

How big should your hummingbird tattoo be?

These tiny birds are usually just a few inches long, but that doesn’t mean their tattoos should be. Since there’s no rule to how big hummingbird tattoos can be, you should consider your body type when deciding on size. For example, if you have thin arms or small ankles, it’s probably not a good idea to have a large tattoo you should choose a medium good looking size design that can fit comfortably on your body.

hummingbird tattoo on ankle

What colors should you use in your hummingbird tattoo?

When it comes to hummingbird tattoos, color is often a matter of personal taste. Some people prefer to choose with black-and-white, while others like to opt for bold color. However, there are three basic colors associated with hummingbirds red, yellow, and green. These hues also appear in hummingbird tattoo designs as well. Depending on what you’re looking for in a bird tattoo design and what you want it to say about you as an individual, one color can be more appropriate than another.

How painful is a hummingbird tattoo?

You’re probably going to experience some pain when getting a hummingbird tattoo, but just how much will depend on your location. Since a hummingbird is so small, most people can fit it somewhere around their wrist or ankle without having to worry about it being too painful. Since they’re smaller areas, tattoos placed there tend to hurt less. But if you choose somewhere bigger like your back or chest, don’t be surprised if you end up feeling quite a bit of pain during your tattoo appointment.

Ideas for creating your own style on this theme.

You can choose either a hummingbird orchid tattoo or another motif based on an indigenous animal. The design you choose should match your personality, and you should also keep in mind that its placement will affect how it looks when it is finished. Take into account where you want to place your design, as well as how it might look depending on how you wear your hair each day. For example, if your style often exposes your neckline, a hidden hummingbird might be ideal for you.

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hummingbird tattoos forearm

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hummingbird rose tattoos

hummingbird tattoos watercolor

mechanical hummingbird tattoos on back

hummingbird tattoos on back

hummingbird tattoos forearm

best hummingbird tattoos ever

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hummingbird thigh tattoos

hummingbird tattoos upper back

hummingbird tattoos upper sleeve

hummingbird tattoo outline

Cool Places to Get a Hummingbird Tattoo

There are hundreds of types of hummingbird tattoos, from very simple to complex. The most common areas for people to get a hummingbird tattoo are on their arm or wrist, which can be easily hidden by clothing. If you’re considering getting a hummingbird tattoo, read our list below to discover some popular locations for placement as well as the meanings behind different designs.


colorful hummingbird tattoos on chest

colorful hummingbird tattoos

hummingbird tattoos on back

unique hummingbird tattoos on chest

watercolor hummingbird tattoos for ladies

hummingbird tattoos images

matching hummingbird tattoos on wrist

delicate hummingbird tattoos with flowers

tribal hummingbird tattoos

Should you do an all-black or grayish theme or use color?

The most common colors of hummingbird tattoos are black and grey. This is simply because they can easily hide in these colors, making them hard to see. Colors, however, have been around for a while now as well. The best advice I can give you is to do what looks good on you. If that’s an all-black tattoo or an all-grey tattoo, then by all means get it. If that means a color theme, then follow your heart—or at least my advice.

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