Lion Tattoos – 36+ Unique & Attractive Lion Tattoos & Ideas For Men & Women

The best lion tattoos designs and ideas for men and women

Tattoos have become very popular and trendy among people. Everyone wants to ink a tattoo on their body and want to look attractive. Yes, tattoos make us more attractive and beautiful. We have to choose tattoos that reflect our personality and qualities. One of the most popular tattoos is the Lion tattoo design. If you are brave, strong, and have courage like a lion, you can definitely go for lion tattoos, it will add four moons to your personality. Lion tattoo designs are more popular among men because it represents dominance and strength.

Lion Tattoos: Symbolism and Meanings

As we all know, the lion is a symbol of strength. It also represents power, courage, confidence, muscularity, and dominance. Lions are called kings of the jungle because they know how to rule. Lion tattoos also symbolize royalty and boldness. This tattoo design shows these qualities of the bearer.


• Lion faces tattoo: In this tattoo, the face of the lion is going to ink on your body. This tattoo design looks very royal, wise, and majestic. If you are an animal lover, a lion face tattoo is a very good option to go because it reflects the more peaceful side of the animal.
best lion face tattoos

• Lion with a crown tattoo: As we all know crown is a symbol of king and royalty. Lion is the king of the jungle, same as a lion if you are the king of your family and protect them, then you can definitely go for a lion with a crown tattoo. It represents that you are strong, caring, and independent.
lion crown tattoos

• Female lion tattoo: A female lion is a symbol of strong women who care for their families, hunt for their cubs, and are independent. If you are a strong, independent woman who fulfills the needs of her family, then you must think about this tattoo, it will be a great choice.

lioness tattoos

• Tribal lion tattoo: Tribal tattoos include bold lines, geometric shapes, and curved lines which makes the tattoo very real and gives it a movement. Tribal lion tattoo looks very unique, attractive, and amazing. But tribal tattoos are old fashion in these days. We will suggest you have some cool designs as we are going to recommend rather than having a tribal lion tattoo design.

tribal lion tattoos

• Geometric lion tattoo: This tattoo design includes only geometric shapes which give you a very unique look and look trendy.
geometric lion tattoos

• Lion and cub tattoo: Lion and cub tattoo represent how lion protects their cubs from danger. It simply shows a dad’s love and cares towards their child. If you want to show how important is your family to you, then it will be a great choice.

lion & cub tattoos

• Roaring lion tattoo: When a lion roars, it means he is showing his strength to others. When a lion roars, it signifies that wild beast mode is on and you have to b careful. It is also a great choice for men because it has a masculine feel.
lion roaring tattoos


Usually, people prefer large size lion tattoos. Lion tattoos in large sizes look very bold and eye-catching. Popular placements for large size lion tattoos are chest, back, shoulder, arms, and legs because it offers a very large area for large and detailed design.
But on the other hand, if you are not very fond of large tattoos and want a small lion tattoo, you can go for it. It looks subtle, smart, and attractive. Popular placements for small lion tattoo is your finger, wrist, hand, and arms.
Here we collect some of the best lion tattoos designs and ideas for both men and women both. Please take a look and share with others also.

The detailed work done on the lion is really breathtaking and worth watching.

lion tattoo arm

lion tattoos with warrior

Lion tattoos are often associated with courage, strength, valor, power, and pride.

lion tattoo arm sleeve

They are often drawn in an aggressive and ferocious form with fierce expressions on their face.

lion tattoo thigh

They look as if they are ready to attack anyone who comes in their way.

lion tattoos crown

The lion is a symbol of power and courage, which makes lion tattoos the ideal tattoo design for men who wish to signify superior masculinity.

lion tattoo hand

It is also good to go for Lion tattoos if you want to express your pride and valor in front of the world.

lion tattoo designs

There are many design options available, and the person should select the most appropriate design that best suits his needs.

lion tattoos wearing crown

lion tattoo thigh

lion tattoo back piece

Black and grey ink- it is the most common color used for drawing tattoos.
lion tattoo sleeve

lion tattoos forearm

lion tattoo designs on arm

lion tattoo designs forearm

lion tattoos cool

lion tattoos forearm

lion tattoos green eyes

lion tattoo half sleeve

lion tattoos for couples

lion tattoo half sleeve

lion king tattoos

lion rose tattoos

lion tattoos realistic

lion tattoo sleeve male

lion tattoo sleeve ideas

lion tattoos realistic

lion tattoos realistic

lion tattoos chest

lion tattoos cover up

lion tattoo shoulder

lion tattoo top of arm

lion tattoo back

lion tattoo ideas

lion tattoo ideas for guys

lion tattoo images

lion tattoo inside arm

best lion tattoos for men

lion tattoo half sleeve lower arm

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