Best Tips for Tattoo Healing Process Stages- Fast And Safe

Tips for Best Tattoo Healing Process- Fast And Safe.

Tattoo healing process: Yes, you were excited about getting yourself inked and now that you have got your favorite tattoo what comes next is taking its care of so that your body can heal properly and you can enjoy having it on your body. You are thankful to your artist that he was able to get it done just the way you wanted it.

tattoo healing process

Now he must have told you the aftercare instructions to take care of the tattoo and your skin so that you do not get any kind of infection and the tattoo also remain intact. There comes the healing process in which your body and the tattoo go through a certain healing process. The healing process runs day-by-day and you can notice the difference too.

So you need to understand the stages of healing in order to take proper care of the tattoo and your skin. Ideally, your tattoo should take 2-3 weeks to heal completely and its appearance should be visible as you wanted it to be. There are various creams and lotions that your artist will suggest for the aftercare and healing process of the tattoo.

Following are the stages of the Tattoo healing process:

Stage 1: Tattoo Oozing and Soreness – First week of the healing process(Days 1-6).

The time when your skin and the tattoo are most likely to get infected if not taken care of properly. It is the most important stage of the small tattoo healing process as once you get up from the chair of your artist, you are going home with an open wound on your body which needs to be taken care of properly. The area surrounding the tattoo and the tattoo itself will feel sore and there will be oozing. You need to avoid using any kind of disinfectant on your skin to avoid infections. The wound is open and prone to bacterial or fungal infections.

tattoo healing process1

After making the tattoo, your artist might have cleaned the area with an anti-bacterial solution and wrapped it as shown in the first image with some protection so that you can reach home safely without getting any bacterial infection. Your body will create plasma so that the clotting and a scabbing process can begin. Once you remove the bandage, the tattooed area will be oozing with blood/plasma/ink/lymphatic fluid which is completely normal.

You have to maintain plasma levels to a minimum level so as to avoid getting big scabs. So try and wash off as much wet plasma as possible (2-3 times a day initially) during the initial days. The tattooed area will be sore and red and if you find anything inconvenient, do not hesitate to see a doctor. Avoid picking off any scabs as it will delay the healing process.

Stage 2 – Second week: When itchiness and flaking begin(Days 7-14).

This stage is said to be the most uncomfortable and irritating phase of the tattoo healing process by most of the people. You will have hard scabs and the itch sets in once scabs are formed. The itching will make you go mad but do not pick off any scab and DO NOT SCRATCH. You can tap the area lightly to relieve the itch.

tattoo healing process

The scabs will flake off naturally and the ink underneath them will not distort. You can also use tattoo anti-itch creams. They will keep your skin hydrated and help speed up the healing process. You need to ensure that you choose a cream that contains Vitamin E and contains no petroleum and alcohol.

You can also use a cooling pad to lower down the temperature of the area but make sure that you do not apply it directly to the skin. Use a washcloth or a bundle of paper towels to wrap the cooling pad and then apply it on the area. Keep the area clean and your skin moisturized.

Stage 3 – Third Week – When the scabs have dropped off and you are about to have a completely healed tattoo (Days 15-30).

Finally, you can be happy that you made it to the final stage of the tattoo healing process. This is the time when most of the scabs have dropped off, except the heavier ones. Your skin might still feel sour and dry, do not forget to moisturize it properly. The tattooed area will be slightly sensitive to touch.

tattoo healing process

The risk of getting an infection is reduced but the tattoo still needs some final touches of care. By this time, you know what amount of the lotion and cream you need to apply on the tattoo to keep it moisturized. Your tattoo will still look faded or washed out. There will be a very fine dead layer of skin over the tattoo due to which the tattoo will seem dull and cloudy.

This dead layer will flake away naturally after some time (may take one month or two). Your skin will look normal once your skin has completely regenerated back to normal. Make sure that there are no patchy spots on your tattoo. You can go to your artist for a touch up if you find any fading. Your skin is almost healed by the time you are in the third week of the healing process.

tattoo scabbing

Although the deeper layers of the skin are still busy in repairing themselves. They may take 3-4 months to completely heal and it is normal. Different tattoos take different time to heal as everyone heals at their own pace and everyone’s body takes their own time. No exact amount of time can be specified to say when a tattoo is fully healed. The healing depends on the size of the tattoo, its location and even how good the artist was.

The pain and the healing may vary from artist to artist. Similarly, pain and healing vary from person to person. We can say that the tattoo is healed once 4-6 months have passed. Now that your skin has healed, do not forget the continued aftercare. Do not forget to moisturize it if you feel the need to do so. Use the best aftercare lotions and creams that suit your skin. Do not compromise on the quality and avoid getting any kind of infection. Prefer eating a balanced diet containing vitamins E, K, and D which will help promote skin health and immune system health.

Avoid going to the direct sunlight and apply sunscreen if you go out in the sunlight. Once you are done taking proper care of your inked area, you will be happy to show it off too as it is ready. So take care of it and enjoy the experience of having it on your body. Do not forget that you will be getting compliments too…