Tattoo Pain Chart – How Much It Will Hurt And Why

Tattoo Pain Chart

Getting yourself inked is one of the hardest and bravest decisions you could make as it is not an easy job to go through the painful process of tattooing. The process is painful and you might have to go through from slightly painful to unbearable pain to get your tattoo done. Each individual has a different pain tolerance limit though and everybody who looking for getting a tattoo thinks where is the least painful place to get a tattoo on your body and what does tattoo pain feel like?

tattoo pain chart 1

how bad do tattoos really hurt?

your friend telling you that a fast moving needle injecting ink in your body does not hurt that bad may not be true in your case. They may feel pain to a different level than yours or vice versa, you might be the one who could feel the process less painful. So everyone has a different threshold for pain.

how do you deal with tattoo pain?

Similarly, the pain threshold of our body parts also varies from one body part to other. Getting tattooed at a particular body part may hurt less than the other. The tattoo pain chart specifies the painful areas on our bodies where we feel the most pain while getting inked. Getting tattooed is seriously a painful process and should be taken care of properly. Pain also varies from men to women. Women do have more sensitive skin than men and some body parts may hurt too bad to get tattooed for women. Most sensitive body parts like the throat, nipples, genitals, face, wrists, ankles, feet, collarbone, spine, ribs, kneecaps and elbows are prone to increased pain reception.

Tattoo pain chart 2

Most painful places on the body are mentioned below:

  • Genitals – Private parts are the most sensitive body parts when it comes to getting tattooed there. The area is delicate and the needle injecting ink there hurt like hell. So be very cautious and careful, consult your doctor if you want to because the pain is seriously too much and you may want to give it a second thought before getting inked there.
  • Lips – Lips are also one of the most sensitive and softest body parts, the pain is very high. Also, they are there on the face which makes them a prominent thing to be noticed whenever someone sees you. So it is suggested to think through before getting your lips tattooed because once you are done considering the pain and your appearance and start the tattooing process, there is no turning back no matter how bad it hurts.
  • Face and its surrounding area – Our face is the first thing that gets noticed by everyone we meet. There is not much flesh or fat present on our face so getting tattooed anywhere on the face makes the process very painful as the needle seems to pierce directly into the face bones.
  • Nipples – Nipples and the nipular area is also one of the most sensitive regions on our body. And if we talk about women, it would hurt way more than it would hurt men.
  • Neck – Neck is the body part that moves the most no matter what we do, either it is eating, breathing or whatever may be, the movement of this body part is very high and it is very sensitive. Getting a tattoo over here hurt very bad as the needle will be piercing continuously and you can hardly make yourself sit still while you go through the process. There will be movement so there will be pain.
  • Armpits – Again one sensitive region where moving the needle is going to hurt very bad.
  • Front and back of knees – The front of the knee is covered with almost no fat/flesh which makes it highly susceptible to pain. Similarly, the skin at the back of the knee is very soft and highly sensitive which makes getting inked over there very painful.
  • Spine and its surrounding area – Our spine moves with each and every breath that we take so it is very painful when a tattoo is being inked on it or in the surrounding area. The continuous movement of the spine and even a minor jerk may hurt so bad when we go through the process.
  • Ribs – While getting inked in this area, we may feel tickling or burning sensation when poked with the needle, which makes it very difficult to make the tattoo. Every time the needle touches the skin, we feel it jabbing at our bone. Plus the tickling and burning sensation along with the pain makes it one of the most painful areas on our body.
  • Head and the surrounding area – We may need some psychological help before getting tattooed on our skull. There is very less fat on our head and so many nerves there which make it one of the most painful areas to ink.
  • Inner part of the thigh – Thighs have plenty of flesh and the more we move closer to the inner thigh, the more painful it is getting tattooed there. The inner thigh area, going upwards to the groin, comes under the painful spots. Similarly, the area going downwards to the knee is also very sensitive when we talk about the pain threshold.
  • Feet – Feet have very less or say no fat and the flesh directly covers the bone. When we try to tattoo this area, the needle piercing can be felt to the bone as there is not much fat in this area. This makes it painful to get tattooed.
  • Outer Elbows
  • Fingers and hands
  • Ankles and the calf sides

tattoo pain chart 3

On each of our body parts, we have a different amount of flesh, fat, nerve endings, and tissues. That makes some body parts more prone to pain and its sensation than the others. Getting tattooed on some body parts like forearms, shoulders, and outer biceps, front of thighs, outer arm, upper shoulder, and lower back may not hurt that bad. You may feel slight discomfort while getting tattooed on these body parts.

tattoo pain chart 4

Getting tattooed does hurt no matter which body part you have chosen to be inked. Plus each individual has their own pain threshold so the process of handling the pain may vary from person to person. But we must take proper care of our tattoo and the skin once we get the tattoo done. The process is painful but you will cherish the experience of getting inked and it will be a memory of a lifetime. So keep your pain threshold in mind and then decide what kind of tattoo you want and where you want it. Let tattooing be a wonderful experience.