Tattoo Price Guide

How Much Do A Tattoo Cost And Its Factors

Getting yourself inked is itself an amazing experience and if it does not affect your pocket much then it is a plus point. Everyone loves to get a tattoo of his choice but knowing how much it will cost you can help you in planning for your dream tattoo. Our tattoo price guide will give you a brief idea about the cost of your tattoo. It will help you in planning a tattoo of your choice. The tattoo artists will quote the cost of your tattoo. He has the choice that how he is going to charge you for the tattoo. He may charge you hourly. The more time your tattoo takes the more you will have to pay.

Tattoo cost guide

This may include the total time taken in designing the tattoo to giving it a final touch. It includes the time to apply the stencil as well as to complete the tattoo. The minimum charges for the tattoo are one hour even if your tattoo takes five minutes to complete. Also, some tattoo artist may set price for the whole piece. It is often done when the customer already has a design in mind and wants a tattoo of that type only. As per the design and type of the tattoo, the artist predicts the approximate time to complete the tattoo and set the price accordingly.

Tattoo cost guide

So it depends on various factors and you need to consider each and everything before you go for getting one. A tattoo is a permanent ink and will always stay with you so you must be ready to pay the best price for your tattoo.

Tattoo design pricing depends on various factors, some of which are mentioned below:

1) Your Tattoo Artist: The price of the tattoo may vary from artist to artist and the types of products that the user before, during and after the tattooing process. It depends on the experience and skills of the tattoo, the cost may vary as per his skills, reputation and artistic nature. Everyone has different artistic skills; one artist may charge you a specific amount for some design while others may charge you differently. Some artists will charge you only a few dollars per hour whereas some may put a very large hole in your pocket. Plus if an artist is very popular and high in demand, it is obvious that he will charge more than the normal artists.

2) Tattoo Location: The tattoo price also depends on the location of the tattoo; as in the body part where you are getting yourself inked. Somebody parts are very soft and more prone to pain as compared to others. So it costs you more when you get a tattoo on those specific parts.

Some tattoo artists charge 10% to 25% more for a tattoo to be performed on a sensitive body part as it is more challenging and difficult to draw. The sensitive parts include feet, hand, genitals, neck, and sternum.

3) Your Tattoo Design: The complexity and design of the tattoo also play an important role in deciding the cost of the tattoo. It is easy to make some tattoos while some may take too long to be inked. The more complex the tattoo is, the more time it will take for the tattoo artist to make it perfect hence it will cost you more.

4) Ink You Want: The color of the tattoo also helps in determining its cost. The single color tattoo is always less expensive than a tattoo that has multiple colors. The colored tattoo always require more time to draw as it requires more details and the charges are hourly so if your tattoo is taking more time to make then you have to pay more.

5) Size Of Your Tattoo Design: A small sized tattoo will require fewer details hence it takes less time. Similarly, a largely-sized tattoo will require more details and take more time. A small tattoo on your wrist or your ankle may cost you only some bucks whereas a full back tattoo will cost an average of $2000 to $5000 and upwards.

6) Your Tattoo Studio Location: The location of the tattoo parlor/studio also affects the cost of your tattoo. It is obvious that a tattoo studio that is situated in a small city will charge you less as compared to the one that is situated in a big flourishing city. For example, getting a tattoo in California may cost up to $300 whereas getting a tattoo in Arkansas may cost up to $150 only.

The prices vary from cities to cities and places to places. A tattoo that is performed by a very popular tattoo artist in a very popular tattoo studio will definitely cost you more than that of a normal one.

7) High-Quality Tattoo Machines Inks Tools: The tools and products used to perform the tattoo are also considered as an addition to the cost of your tattoo. Each tattoo artist uses different products and tools to draw the tattoo. The tools majorly include ink, needles, inkwells, lotions, wipes, sterilization units, and sprays, etc.

Below are the hourly rates charged by tattoo artists all over the world.

Tattoo Hourly Rates:

Tattoo Artist $ Hourly Rate Full Sleeve

Beginner (1-3 years) $80-$120 per hour $800-$1000
Solo Tattoo Artist (3-5 years) $120-$150 per hour $1200-$1500
Established Artist (5-10 years) $150-$180 per hour $1500-$1800
Teaching Artist (10+ years) $150-$220 per hour $2000+
Popular Artist $180+ As per their wish

Note – The charges are quite similar throughout the world but may vary specifically from country to country and place to place. These are only estimated prices and should not be considered as a fixed price.

 tattoo price guide

To conclude, the quality of the tattoo must be the primary concern so we must opt for the best place that suits us keeping in mind our budget so that it does not affect your pocket much. In the end, what matters is you getting a perfect and economical tattoo of your choice. No one would want to get a bad tattoo, you can get it from anywhere and on any body part where you want.