Top 10 Tips Before Getting Your First Tattoo

Tips for getting your first Tattoo

Anything that you do for the first time in your life will always have an everlasting memory in your mind. You will always remember it. Be it your first day of school, college, dance, date or love. That feeling of doing that thing for the first time will always be treasured in your heart. When you do it again, you know how exactly it felt when you did it for the first time. You are familiar with that feeling and you know how you would be feeling again. It is the same process with the same emotions, the situations and circumstances might be different but at least you know how it is going to feel and that makes you less scared when you are doing it again. So “first-time-ever” are the things that we remember and cherish all our lives.


And getting your first tattoo is no less than a tough job as it includes so many things to consider and you have to take so many decisions like what kind of tattoo you want, where do you want it, which color combinations you want etc. A tattoo is going to be with you for your entire life if you are going for a permanent one. So you have to make the right decision so that you do not regret it later because once you get yourself inked with what you wanted at one point of time, it cannot be undone. The tattoo is going to be with you, on your body for your entire life. You are going to be a pool of emotions, mixed feelings before getting your first tattoo. It is not at all an easy task to choose what you want, making up your mind while getting one is one of the toughest things to do.

You may feel scared, excited, happy, nervous or impatient. If you are a tattoo virgin, you need to consider each and every aspect related to it so that you won’t regret it later and it serves the purpose. You want a tattoo because you want it; because it will make you happy so if you would not feel happy after getting yourself inked do not go for it. That is why it is very important to make up your mind properly before getting a tattoo. Once it is inked, it cannot be undone.

So here we are suggesting some tips before getting yourself inked for the first time:

1) Know your skin

First, you need to know your skin that you are not allergic to anything that is used while making the tattoo. Also, make sure that you have found out a place where you will get yourself checked if anything goes wrong with your skin while or after getting the tattoo. Knowing this beforehand will make you less prone to any kind of infection that you may have later.


2) Take Your Time:

Do not rush, take all the time you need. Do not panic and rush into getting the tattoo done. Make up your mind properly about the tattoo you want like the design, ink color, size, etc. think through and take as much time as you want because once you are done with the process, you and your body both have to live with it for your entire life.

3) Go For Small Tattoo:

Size and the design matters, go for a small tattoo if you wish – Size and design challenges while selecting the tattoo is one of the most important things to consider. You need to choose a design you are sure about; that you will love for the years to come. Same goes for the size too; if you choose a large-sized tattoo then also it might create a problem if your pain threshold is low. This process need not to be turned into a painful one. So know about your body and the type of tattoo that you want as much as you can to have a perfect tattooing experience. Go for a small tattoo first if you are not sure about a large one.

small tattoo ideas for first tattoo

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4) The body part to be inked :

Location of the tattoo comes next; where do you want to have it. Of course, you want to show it off too if you are getting a tattoo so the location is very important. Also the pain you will have to suffer also depends on the body part where you are going to get the tattoo.

5) Research the shop, artist and the prices:

Find out the perfect shop where you want to get inked. Find out about the artist, read their reviews and if possible you can meet someone who had already got them inked from that shop and the artist. Also, check out the prices if it fits your budget. Make sure that you do not compromise your safety and hygiene with the price of the tattoo.

tattoo studio for first tattoo

6) Ask, ask and ask unless you feel satisfied:

Ask questions, visit the shop once you find one
and ask the artist whatever doubt you have in your mind. Do not hesitate and make yourself
comfortable with the artist. If you do not feel satisfied, do not go for it. There are so many
options to choose from so be selective and keep your mind clear.

7) Avoid getting drunk:

Do not drink before getting a tattoo as alcohol will make the blood
thin and might make you bleed more. No, any tattoo artist will recommend you to drink before a tattoo or during the tattoo.

8) Find a buddy to get yourself inked with:

Take your buddy with you if you feel so. It might turn out to be a less painful experience and if your friend is getting it too; you will feel more relaxed.

9) Be mentally and physically prepared:

Be mentally prepared what you are about to go through. First make your decision final about the type, design, and size of the tattoo. Make sure the spelling is right if you are going to get a quotation or name inked on your body. Be sure about the process that you want to have one and you are going to get one. Be mentally and physically prepared as the process is going to be painful too.

10) Follow aftercare instructions:

Ask as many questions as you can about how you have to take care of the tattoo, your skin and just in case if any infection appears. Be very cautious about the same and get yourself well versed with the aftercare instructions. Keep all the necessary lotions, creams and things handy that your artist suggests using for the aftercare process.

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Now when you are done with the process and you have got the tattoo that you wanted, enjoy its
presence on your body. Take care of it and do not forget to revisit your artist in case you want a
touch-up. Happy tattooing…