35 Latest Dolphin Tattoos Designs And Ideas For Men And Women

Best Dolphin Tattoo Designs And Ideas For Girls and Guys

Dolphin Tattoos: When getting a tattoo, you carefully thought over your decision, since body art is a permanent form of personal expression, that can affect many aspects of your personal and professional life. Because of so many tattoo designs and ideas in your mind. Such is also the case when choosing from among the wide variety of dolphin tattoo designs.
In Christianity, dolphins are seen as the representation of Christ’s compassion, protection, and resurrection while the Greeks associated the animals with both the sun god, Apollo, and the moon god, Aphrodite. As such, a dolphin was seen as a symbol of life, health, and vibrancy in the day and dreams, conception, and intuition at night – a fitting symbolism considering that the dolphin has a dual nature of being a mammal at sea.

Meanings Of Dolphin Tattoos:

Each person who opts for a dolphin tattoo has his own reasons for doing so. You don’t have to explain your reasons for your choice to the tattoo artist although it does make for good conversation while the inking process is going on. At the very least, you have something to keep your mind off the numbing sensations in whatever part of your body is being inked.
For Their Symbolism

Most people choose the dolphin for a tattoo design because of its symbolism. In the animal world, dolphins are highly intelligent animals with happy dispositions that make them popular attractions in many marine shows and exhibits. In fact, we feel a certain affinity for these creatures, a connection that stretches back hundreds of years when men were known to be rescued from harm at sea.

Dolphin Tattoo Designs.

Thus, when choosing from dolphin tattoo designs, you will be drawn to the symbolism associated with these beautiful animals. Depending on the culture, dolphins represent positive values like playfulness, gentleness, transcendence, intelligence, generosity, and even power.
You may also choose the dolphin tattoo designs based on a lesser-known Celtic symbolism. If you work with water, the dolphin is a fitting tattoo because it is the Celtic symbol for the protector of the sacred wells of water and everything associated with the element.

Types Of Dolphin Tattoos Designs And Colors:

Because there are many types of dolphins, you can choose from a wide variety of colors for your dolphin tattoo. Plus, you may also choose to depict the dolphin either looking up above the water with sunlight making the colors change or in the water where the colors can be darker. Or better yet, play around with the colors of the dolphin tattoo designs.

But the natural colors of the many species of dolphins are already striking in themselves. Your tattoo artist may suggest just leaving them be with colors like:
Solid black in almost all areas for the pilot and false killer whales
Shades of gray for the bottlenose dolphins
Pink for the Amazon dolphin
Black and white with an hourglass pattern of gold, light grey or dirty grey in the back
For many people, however, dolphin tattoo designs are desired because of the sheer beauty of these animals. Their grace in the water, their gentle eyes, and their streamlined bodies are all beautiful to behold.
Here we collect some of the coolest and Best dolphin tattoos designs and ideas for men and ideas both. Please Take a look:

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