35+ Cute & Lovely Fairy Tattoos Designs For Girls

Fairy Tattoo Designs And Ideas For Women This Year

Fairy Tattoos: Fairy tattoo designs offer tattoo enthusiasts the opportunity to ink a magical tattoo that has its roots in fantasy and folklore. The vast majority of people who ink fairy tattoo designs are females who have chosen the fairy design style for nostalgic reasons.
Many girls grow up reading enchanting fantasy stories about fairies with magical powers, deciding later in life to ink a fair design because it reminds them of exploring their imaginations as a little girl. Probably the most famous fairy is Tinkerbell from the Peter Pan story, although there are many other children’s stories that have fairies as central characters. Some entire books are dedicated to the lives of fairies.

Meaning Of Fairy Tattoos And Why People Love it?

Fairies have the appearance of humans, except that they have wings and are usually very small. Fairies have their origins in Celtic folklore and are believed to possess supernatural powers such as the ability to cast spells as well as being able to see into the future. Fairies are wild creatures that live in harmony with nature, often being depicted among flowers, plants, and toadstools.

Types Of Fairy Tattoo Designs & Ideas.

The is a vast range of different fairy tattoo designs available today, although designs generally depict female fairies, and tend to fall into two broad categories. The first style depicts innocent young fairies in a friendly and colorful way. These designs tend to be relatively small and simple, harking back to illustrations in children’s books. The other main style of fairy tattoos depicts adult fairies in a more detailed and lifelike way.

These designs are generally larger to accommodate the more lifelike details of the fairy and are drawn in a classic fantasy style. Adult fantasy fairy characters are not always innocent, instead, they are often mischievous characters. An increasingly popular fairy tattoo design style is to ink a mischievous adult fantasy fairy as a pinup down the upper arm or calf.

There exists an incredible amount of options for customizing your fairy tattoo design. Firstly, the design can be customized by changing characteristics such as the wing size and pattern, the hairstyle, as well as the clothing. Additional thought should be put into the colors that you want to be incorporated into your design. Many girls also choose to incorporate other elements into their fairy tattoo designs. Common graphics incorporated into fairy tattoos include plants and flowers, mushrooms and toadstools, butterflies tattoos, dragonflies, stars, as well as the moon.

Which Place Would Be Perfect For Fairy Tattoos?

Fairy tattoo designs look good pretty much anywhere on the body, however, if your chosen design is fairly large, some areas of the body will be too small to accommodate it. Popular areas for inking fairy tattoos include the lower back, belly, shoulder, upper arm, calf, and ankle, although it really is entirely up to the individual.
Choosing a location to ink your tattoo is a very important decision, and I recommend that you head over to the Tattoo Body Areas section for detailed information about each of the commonly tattooed areas of the body.

Finding the ideal tattoo design can be a drawn-out process, requiring lots of patience and time spent browsing designs. Tattoo design books and tattoo shop collections are good places to start, but my favorite way to find tattoo designs is to use the internet. Unfortunately, many tattoo enthusiasts fall into the trap of limiting themselves to free designs found using search engines. This is a bad idea because trawling search engine results waste a huge amount of time, and usually, the designs found are of poor quality and very common.

If you are new to tattrix and looking for expert advice for how to properly plan a new tattoo, please head over to the Tattoo blog section.
Here we collect some of the coolest fairy tattoo designs and ideas for your next tattoo. Please take a look, Choose and Go for it. Good Luck.

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