Neck Tattoos — 50+ Best Trending & Ultimate Neck Tattoos & Designs

Latest & Trending Neck Tattoos For Men And Women Both.

Neck Tattoos: Nowadays, tattoos are becoming part of our personalities. We ink tattoos on our bodies to enhance our beauty, attractiveness and improve our personality. There are a huge variety of tattoos and their designs. We can also categorize tattoos according to your placements. Like shoulder tattoos, thigh tattoos, arm tattoos, wrist tattoos, and many more.

Here we are going to talk about neck tattoo designs and many ideas related. The neck is a very eye-catching and bold place to ink tattoos. Tattoos on the neck immediately attract everyone’s attention and make you look bold, strong, and cool.


A neck tattoo Design shows that you are very brave, you are not afraid of taking risks and challenges in your life. It also symbolizes that you are bold and confident, you can take your stand if any situation occurs. Tattoos on the neck also depend upon the designs also. So many tattoos designs can look perfect with their strong meanings as well.


According to placement, you can classify neck tattoo designs into four parts. Here are the ideas are written below.

1. Small neck tattoos: All sizes are suitable for neck tattoos but small size tattoos suit perfectly with this placement. Any symbols, numeral numbers, one word, or any ideas of your choice, all will look cool and subtle. If you are going for your first neck tattoo, smaller inking is the best option. Girls should go for small tattoos. There are many designs also available for small neck tattoo designs for women. Please check them out below.

small neck tattoos for women

2. Large or full neck tattoos: In this, your whole neck is going to ink. These full-neck tattoo designs make you look bold, strong, and cool. Intricate designs, tribal designs, Polynesian designs, and geometric designs all fit in this full-neck tattoo designs category.

large neck tattoos

3. Back neck tattoos: In this, the tattoo is inked on the backside of your neck. Small size tattoo looks bold and subtle on this placement. If you want to hide it, you can easily hide it with your hair or with the collars of your shirt.

Angel wings with cross on neck tattoos

4. Front neck tattoo designs: In this type of tattoo, the tattoo is inked on the front part of the neck. Both small and large size tattoos fit perfectly in this area. It immediately attracts everyone’s attention towards you, and you will become the center of attraction.

neck tattoos for men

5. Neck and shoulder tattoos: In this, you have a large canvas to paint in a detailed manner. You have got a large combined area of shoulder and neck. The tattoo on this area looks super cool and bold. Tribal tattoos, mandala tattoos, and Polynesian tattoos fit perfectly with this placement.

neck tattoos for men

Neck Tattoo Designs – There are a variety of neck tattoo designs and ideas. You can go for religious tattoos, quotes tattoos, rose tattoos, angel tattoos, crown tattoos, star tattoos, wolf tattoos, spider tattoos, barcode tattoos, anchor tattoos, and many more options are available, You can choose the design of your choice. Please check them out as shown below.

If you are thinking about tattoos on the neck is painful, then the answer is yes. You have to bear a lot of pain during the inking process. At the front neck part, the pain level is slightly high as compared to the back neck part because of the very thin skin and the count of nerves is very high.

neck tattoos men

creative neck tattoos

lion neck tattoos

buddha neck tattoos

mandala neck tattoos

neck tattoos for females

side neck tattoos

neck tattoos for girls

angel neck tattoos

angel wings with cross tattoos


Black Rose Tattoo design on neck.

rose neck tattoos

flying eagle neck tattoos

Eagle Neck Tattoos

eagle neck tattoos

rose tattoos designs for neck

angel wings on neck tattoos

Praying hands tattoos on neck 

praying hands neck tattoos

illusion tattoos for neck

tattoo ideas for neck

Wings tattoos on the neck are absolutely brilliant ideas for neck tattoos.

small wings neck tattoos

lion neck tattoo designs and ideas

geometric wings neck tattoos

wolf neck tattoos

wings neck tattoos for women

wings tattoo ideas for neck

eagle face for neck tattoos

small rose designs for neck tattoos

lord Krishna neck tattoos

animal skull neck tattoos

feather tattoos for neck

side neck tattoos for guys

eye of ra tattoos on neck

spider neck tattoos

angel wings tattoos for neck

rose tattoo ideas for neck

neck tattoos for men

wings neck tattoos for men

eye tattoos on neck

large neck tattoo ideas

front neck tattoo ideas

behind neck tattoo ideas

praying hands on side neck tattoos

large neck tattoo ideas for girls

large neck tattoo stencil ideas

neck tattoo ideas designs

Polynesian neck tattoos

rose neck tattoo designs

spider neck tattoo designs

flower leaf neck tattoos

cross with wings tattoos on neck

rose with dagger for neck tattoos

cool neck tattoos

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